Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I am the founder of BestVitCSerum.com

I decided to start this website because I’ve always had an interest skin care and people throughout my life have often asked what I “do” in order to look so young. Looking young for my age has actually brought a barrage of issues throughout my life such as being addressed “kiddo” and “young lady” in my 30’s (disrespectful imo) and including not being taken seriously by others (for example with customer service) but it also comes with pluses such as well, looking young 😉  It’s a double edged sword.

My secrets are first and foremost genetics, staying out of the sun (using a quality sunscreen) and using a vitamin c serum. I really do use vitamin c serum plus sunscreen daily (even when I am working at home, which is pretty much every day) because the sunlight does penetrate my blinds and I know that the damage will accumulate over time.

I have been using vitamin c serum for many years and have spent hours upon hour scouring the Makeupalley forums (an invaluable resource for anything related to skin care and makeup) researching the best products,  which European sunscreens to get with a high PPD, which anti-aging serums to purchase etc in my quest for beautiful skin. As a result of my obsessive compulsiveness and narcissism (just being honest), I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about skin care and am more than happy to share it on this site and the blog.  In my opinion, the right products can really produce fantastic results but finding that “Holy Grail” product may take a lot of research as well as trial and error.

The serum I am currently using is Cosmetic Skin Solutions mainly due to the price. I would probably purchase the Skinceuticals if I could afford it but alas I can’t at the moment.

I currently reside in Los Angeles and work in internet advertising. My hobbies include acting, weight lifting and blogging.