Best Home Laser Hair Removal

Best Home Laser Hair Removal

Frustrated of shaving and tweezing stray hairs but not willing to spend thousands on professional laser hair removal treatments? Now you can finally remove hair permanently from the safety and convenience of your own home with home laser hair removal machines.

Do Home Laser Hair Removal Machines Really Work? 

It may sound gimmickey but the best home laser hair removal machines use the same technology found at skin clinics and dermatologists offices worldwide. The Tria 4x uses a diode laser which is the highest grade of laser available for hair removal.

Laser is generally considered the most effective technology for hair removal because targets and destroys pigment in the hair follicle with pinpoint precision. Other devices like the Me Smooth or Silk’n use IPL which is different but similarly effective.  All of the devices reviewed have been cleared for home use by the FDA.

Tria 4X By Tria Beauty – Best Home Laser Hair Removal

The Tria 4x  is one of the best home laser hair removal machines available on the market and offers permanent results in as little as three months at a much lower price compared to professional hair removal treatments. This device is manufactured by Tria Beauty and uses a diode laser in order to target and destroy the pigment in the hair follicle which disables its ability to regrow hair.

The Tria 4x is approved by the FDA for home usage and is the first commercial laser designed specifically for home use. What we really like about the Tria 4x is the fact that it’s designed for full body use including the face, armpits, legs, arms and bikini area.

Tria 4X Best Home Laser Hair Removal Specs & Features 

The device has a LCD screen which lets you know what treatment level you’re at. It also has a skin sensor which only unlocks if your skin tone is suitable for use with the Tria. A battery indicator lets you know how much charge you have left. The Tria 4x is a portable device which makes it easy to carry around and pack when travelling. The Tria 4x laser does not require cartridges which means it may be more affordable in the long run compared to a lower priced device requiring cartridge replacements.

 The Tria 4x Offers Permanent Home Laser Hair Removal 

70% of users in a clinical study noted a 70% reduction in hair growth in as little as two treatments. Others saw permanent results after ninety days. Since the Tria 4x uses a professional grade quality laser it offers more treatment energy compared to other devices on the market.

Skin & Hair Colors Suitable For Tria 4x Use 

The Tria 4x is the best home laser hair removal device for those with lighter skin and darker hair. If you are a redhead, have grey hair or have darker skin the Tria 4x will not work for you.

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Best Laser Hair Removal Machine For Darker Skin Tones : Me Smooth By Tanda

Do you have red hair, grey/white hair or a darker skin tone? If so you may have heard that you aren’t a good candidate for laser hair removal. Luckily that’s not the case anymore with the Me Smooth from Tanda. This device is FDA approved and suitable for hair removal regardless of the color of your hair and skin tone.

Tanda Me Smooth IPL Home Best Home Laser Hair Removal Technology 

The Me Smooth from Tanda uses Radio Frequency technology which unlike diode lasers, enable a lower of level of energy to be used depending on your skin or hair type.

Me Smooth Tanda Features 

The Me Smooth plugs into a wall outlet which means you don’t have to wait for it to charge. However, the electric cord may make it less travel-friendly and portable. It requires cartridges which need to be replaced; one cartridge comes with approximately 6,000 pulses.


What Reviewers Had To Say About The Me Smooth  

One reviewer noticed less hair regrowth and bald patches on the leg area.  The discomfort during treatment has been described as a “pinching” feeling and a rubber band snapping against your skin. Others noticed even better results when epilating prior to using the Me Smooth. The Me Smooth is best home laser hair removal machines for those with darker skin tones and those with red, blonde or gray hairs.

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Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device – Best Home Laser Hair Removal (Affordable)

If you’re looking for a more affordable home laser hair removal you’ll definitely want to check out the SSilk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device. This FDA approved is one of the more affordable best home laser hair removal machines available and uses IPL technology in order to remove hair permanently.

It’s designed for full body use and safe to use on the face. Each device comes pre-loaded with 5,000 pulses. This product is currently the #1 bestseller on Amazon (as of 12/21/2015) in the laser & light hair removal devices category due to its effectiveness and value. 

How Silk’n Flash & Go Works

This home laser hair removal machine uses Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology in order to destroy hair follicles at the root and prevent future growth.

Silk’n Flash & Go Specs 

The head features a spot size of 4cm2 which is ideal for treating smaller areas. It is a plug-in unit which means you don’t have to worry about the battery dying out.

Skin & Hair Colors Suitable For Silk’n Flash & Go Use 

This device is ideal for use for those with lighter skin tones with darker hair. If you have blonde, red, grey hair or dark skin this machine will not work for you.

What Users Had To Say

Users reported that the device was almost painless compared to professional treatments. However, please remember that discomfort is subjective and your tolerance levels may vary. Some users wished the treatment area was bigger and faster and noted that it was time consuming and tedious to treat all the areas desired. Reviewers noted less hair growth and one reported bald patches after a single use. Silkn’n Flash & Go is the best affordable home laser hair removal machine and will remove hair permanently without breaking the bank.

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