Red Light Therapy At Home For Wrinkles

Red Light Therapy At Home For Wrinkles

What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy At Home For Wrinkes? 

Want to get rid of lines and wrinkles but not quite ready to undergo invasive and pricey cosmetic procedures? The benefits of at home red light therapy include decreased wrinkles and fine lines in addition to improvements in skin tone, clarity and radiance without risk and excessive cost.

Many of today’s anti aging devices suitable for home use utilize red light therapy in order to smooth out wrinkles. This is the same technology used at the dermatologists office for just a fraction of the price. An anti-aging device designed for home usage enables you to treat yourself in the convenience of your own home whenever you see fit. Here’s a list of some of the best anti-aging devices available on the market.

Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser, Best Red Light Therapy At Home For Wrinkles 

The Tria Beauty Age-Defying laser is currently the only FDA-cleared device utilizing red light led therapy approved for usage at home on the entire face (including the eye area) and it’s also the winner of 2015 InStyle Magazine’s “Best Beauty Buys” award. This device uses fractional laser technology which is the same as used by professional dermatologists.

How The Tria Beauty Age Red Light Therapy At Home Device Works 

As we age our skin loses its ability to produce collagen resulting in less firmer skin and wrinkles. The Tria Beauty Age Defying laser works by sending concentrated beams of red light deep into the skin which encourages collagen production. As skin increases in collagen you’ll notice fewer wrinkles and smoother skin in as little as fourteen days. Since it works below the skin’s surface it’s infinitely more effective compared to topical creams.

How This Red Light Therapy At Home Device Is Used 

The recommended usage is to treat your entire face after cleansing. Select one of the three treatment levels (1-3) and glide the device all over your face for maximum results. It may take 15-20 minutes in order to treat all desired areas effectively.

Tria Age-Defying Laser Specs & Features 

A bright “contact light” lights up and glows as you treat your face with the red light therapy. The Tria Age-Defying laser comes with a charging cradle which conveniently charges up the device between uses.

What Users Had To Say About The Tria Beauty Age Defying Laser 

One reviewer noted that it wasn’t painful and that results were slow but visible and reported minimized pores and an improvement in her eye and forehead area. Another user reported that it was painful and slightly less uncomfortable compared to in-office laser treatments.  Pain is subjective so your results may vary. Some users also noted fewer age spots and more even tone and improved and even skin texture.

Pros & Cons

We love the fact that it’s been FDA-cleared, as a matter of fact, the Tria Age-Defying laser is the only anti-aging device approved by the FDA for full face use and suitable for treating the delicate eye area, where many of us tend to form wrinkles. This fact alone makes this device one of the best anti-aging devices on the market. The price is high but it’s still significantly more affordable compared to in-office red light therapy sessions which cost hundreds of dollars and require multiple visits.

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Silk’n FaceFx  Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy At Home For Wrinkles

Silk’n FaceFX uses fractional red light therapy and deep thermal heating in order to increase the skin’s natural collagen production in order to improve texture, elasticity and firmness. Clinical studies showed that 91% of users noted an improvement in skin texture while 69% saw a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Many users also reported minimized pore size.

How Silk’n Face Red Light Therapy At Home FX Is Used

The recommended treatment is to use FaceFX 3 times a week for five to seven minutes on each treatment area. Once the desired result is achieved, it’s recommended to use this device on a week in order to maintain it.  This anti-aging device can also be used on other areas on the body such as the neck, hands and wherever else you desire.

Silk’n Face FX Red Light Therapy At Home Specs & Features 

This red light therapy anti-aging device for home use is packaged with a charger. Silk’n FaceFX is cleared by the FDA for home use and has a built in temperature sensor in order to prevent overheating. The product is manufactured by Silk’n. a company well known for manufacturing various quality light & laser products for home usage and featured on numerous national TV shows including The Doctors and The Rachael Ray Show.

What Users Had To Say About Silk’n FaceFX

Users reported a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, smaller pores and smoother skin. Some users reported smoother texture in the neck and forehead area. Most reviews were positive with noticeable improvements. A few complained that the process was time consuming and a hassle.

Pros & Cons

One of the major pros is the cost which is significantly more affordable compared to pricier anti-aging devices. Some customers found the entire process too time consuming.

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Norlanya Micro Vibration Red Light Therapyt At Home For Wrinkles, Anti Aging Device

The Norlanya Micro Vibration device uses red light therapy in order to smooth and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, improve circulation and improve skin’s texture and collagen production. What makes the  Norlanya Micro Vibration machine different is that it’s one of the most affordable red light therapy machines available and manufactured in China.

Specs & Features

Unfortunately you don’t get to pick the color and receive either an orange or silver device. The Norlanya Micro Vibration device comes packaged with goggles, a power cable and a rubber gasket.

What Users Had To Say About the Norlanya  Red Light Therapy At Home Device

Users noted that the product was effective and saw a reduction in crow’s feets, improved skin tone and texture. Some users also noted a reduction in acne and whiteheads.

Pros & Cons 

Some users noted that the instruction manual isn’t very clear as it is translated from Chinese to English. The fact that it’s made in China can be perceived either as a pro or con depending on which way you look at it. It’s a pro because it’s you’re getting a red light therapy device at a rock bottom price compared to devices manufactured in the U.S. On the other hand it’s not FDA approved which may be an issue for some people.

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 illuMask Wrinkle Red Light Therapy At Home 

At first glance this mask looks like a bizarre contraption straight out of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe but it’s actually a light therapy device for home use. The illuMask is one of the most affordable red light therapy at home for wrinkles anti-aging devices available today. What makes it different is the fact that it’s in the form of a mask that you put on.

There is a caveat however; the mask is designed for only 30 uses. After that you will need to purchase a replacement cord with the counter on it (which counts the number of uses). Some users noted they were able to get the mask to work beyond 30 uses by resetting it (you can read more details about this in the Questions & Answers section on the product details page here).

What Reviewers Noted 

There are two masks available; a wrinkle mask and an acne mask. Reviewers noted positive reviews with both masks. A few reported that they saw a decrease in acne.  Others noticed smoother and firmer skin with more even skin tone. Some reviewers were also not happy with the environmental side effects of having to discard the mask after 30 uses.

Pros & Cons 

The pros are the affordable price and the fact that you don’t have to hold the red light therapy at home device while treating your face.  Cons include the limit of 30 treatments (unless you are able to reset it) and the detrimental environmental effects of discarding it if you’re unable to do so. Since this product is relatively more affordable it would be a good buy for someone who would like to try out red light therapy without spending a ton of money upfront.

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