images Most of us are aware of the benefits of a diet high in vitamin C; this powerful antioxidant has the capability to strengthen ones immune system, repair connective tissue and is even thought to reduce the risks of cancer. A vitamin C serum for the face can offer similar powerful benefits to your skin. The benefits of using a vitamin C serum for your face include increased sun protection, reduced brown spots and increased collagen production.

Improved Protection From The Sun

One of the most beneficial properties of a L-ascorbic product is its ability to increase the skin’s natural protection against the sun by 4 times. It’s by no means a substitute for sunscreen but it can offer your skin additional protection and help shield it  from harmful UVA and UVB rays which can increase the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It can also protect your skin from free radicals and harmful external elements such as pollution. Dr OZ reports that vitamin c serum can decrease the number of sunburned skin cells.

Approved By Dr OZ & Dermatologists 

Famous tv physician Doctor OZ reports that vitamin C serum is the #1 secret for youthful skin. Plastic surgeons also agree that vitamin c reduces the signs of aging and rejuvenates skin. According to the video below, dermatologists say that most individuals should see maximum benefits after 6 months.


Lighten Discoloration

The next benefit of using a topical vit c product is a brighter complexion. It can minimize brown spots, old acne scars and hyperpigmentation. L-ascorbic acid has the ability to minimize skin damage and even reverse damage caused by sun exposure. A topical vitamin C solution can also boost collagen levels in the skin leading to more radiant and healthier looking skin. Younger skin naturally has higher levels of collagen levels which generally decline with age. Over time increase collagen production will lead to fewer lines and wrinkles.

As you can see, vitamin C is more than just a nutrient required for general health. When applied topically to the face it has the capability to protect your skin, minimize the signs of aging and even correct hyperpigmentation and brown spots which are caused by sun damage.  Of course this goes beyond simply just breaking down vitamin C and applying it all of your face. A serum should be formulated with the right pH levels in order to maximize penetration and feature other powerful ingredients such as vitamin E and ferulic acid in order to complement the formulation.